Greenfield Meijer Store Opening

Meijer opened a new 192,000-square-foot supercenter in Greenfield, Wis., bringing shoppers better access to low prices on high-quality merchandise, fresh produce delivered daily and a full-service pharmacy that makes family health care a priority.

  • Greenfield Opening 19

    The storefront of the new Greenfield Meijer.

  • Greenfield Opening 10

    Store Director Jennifer Hill addresses the crowd.

  • Greenfield Opening 20

    Co-Chairman Hank Meijer and Store Director Jennifer Hill present Greenfield High School with a $25,000 donation, which was accepted by Principal Paul Thusius, Athletic Director Trent Lower, Baseball Coach Lee Kloszczynski and the school baseball team.

  • Greenfield Opening 11

    Co-Chairman Hank Meijer and Store Director Jennifer Hill present a $7,500 donation to Greenfield Parks and Recreation.

  • Greenfield Opening 12

    Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke, Co-Chairman Hank Meijer, Store Director Jennifer Hill and other Meijer employees cut the ribbon at the grand opening ceremony.

  • Greenfield Opening 15

    State Representative Ken Skowronski, Co-Chairman Hank Meijer, Mayor Michael Neitzke and Greenfield Store Director Jennifer Hill. 

  • Greenfield Opening 14

    Co-Chairman Hank Meijer poses with Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke.

  • Greenfield Opening 8

    Store Director Jennifer Hill poses for a photo with Greenfield employees.

  • Greenfield Opening 9

    Store Director Jennifer Hill and Co-Chairman Hank Meijer.

  • Greenfield Opening 13

    State Representative Ken Skowronski poses with Co-Chairman Hank Meijer.

  • Greenfield Opening 16

    Co-Chairman Hank Meijer poses for a photo with a Greenfield store employee.

  • Greenfield Opening 17

    Mayor Michael Neitzke and Co-Chairman Hank Meijer chat with a couple shopping at the new Greenfield supercenter.

  • Greenfield Opening 18

    Meijer employees in the Grab-and-Go section of the Greenfield supercenter.

  • Greenfield Opening 7

    Greenfield Meijer Store Director Jennifer Hill chats with employees during the grand opening.

  • Greenfield Opening 1

    A Meijer employee stocks the meat department.

  • Greenfield Opening 2

    A Meijer employee in the bakery department. 

  • Greenfield Opening 4

    A Greenfield Meijer employee on the day of the grand opening. 

  • Greenfield Opening 6

    A Greenfield Meijer employee in the electronics section.

  • Greenfield Opening 3

    The new Greenfield Meijer offers a variety of local craft beer.

  • Greenfield Opening 5

    The Greenfield location also sells Meijer brand ice cream, Purple Cow.

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