La Nassa Foods Partnership

The partnership between Meijer and Great Lakes commercial fishing company, La Nassa Foods, began on a handshake nearly two decades ago and continues to thrive today based on a mutual commitment to provide Meijer customers with the highest quality lake fish.

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    As a result of the partnership, Meijer is able to offer customers at each of its 230 stores across the Midwest with nearly 500,000 pounds of Lake Erie walleye, yellow perch and other lake species each year.

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    Meijer has a strong commitment to supporting local efforts, especially when it comes to sourcing quality food for its customers. This extends to the hardworking fishermen who fish the Great Lakes for the retailer nearly every day.

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    The La Nassa partnership is the longest-running that Meijer has with a local fishing company, which harvests from Lake Erie daily and delivers the catch to the Meijer Distribution Facility in southeast Michigan four days a week.

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