Meijer Heritage Center

Meijer is unveiling a Heritage Center rich with company history from its founder Hendrik Meijer’s first arrival in the United States through the retailer’s most recent innovations and expansions.

  • Heritage Center 1

    The interactive Meijer Heritage Center is designed to inform and inspire team members and visitors through 12 exhibition areas.

  • Heritage Center 2

    Exhibition areas include a theater, a selection of personal letters to the Meijer family from team members, suppliers and customers, 30 team member video interviews, and an array of artifacts that tell the Meijer story from its earliest beginnings to the present.

  • Heritage Center 4

    Meijer has a deep reverence for its history and culture, and is pleased to share this with the community that led to the company’s success.

  • Heritage Center 3

    Bringing innovations to Meijer customers helped give their grocery store a future. 

  • Heritage Center 5

    The center will be open to the public for docent- and self-guided tours by appointment only. 

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