Meijer Misfits® Produce

Meijer now offers a unique line of Misfits® produce that helps connect shoppers to tasty but cosmetically-challenged fruits and vegetables at a reduced price.

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    Meijer has found a perfectly-imperfect fit for customers interested in reducing food waste and sacrificing aesthetics for savings. 

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    Delivered daily to 235 Meijer stores across the Midwest, the packaged fresh produce may be discolored, scarred or odd-sized, but offers the same taste, freshness and quality of other produce the retailer carries.

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    Some of the seasonably-available produce has included apples, bell peppers, lemons, limes and sweet potatoes. 

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    Customers should look for prominently displayed Misfits bins and signage in the produce section of their local Meijer store.

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    Teaming with Meijer on the Misfits program, growers have an opportunity to sell imperfect, but great tasting fruit while the consumer gets to save on fresh produce while maybe even getting a laugh out of its odd look.

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    The Misfits program rolled out at all Meijer locations earlier this month, and customers have already purchased nearly a quarter of a million pounds of fresh, perfectly-imperfect produce. 

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    Misfits produce items vary week to week based on their availability and are sold at a discount of between 20 to 40 percent.

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