Meijer Truck Driver Milestone

When Paul Strodtbeck became a Meijer fleet driver in 1972, he joined a team of 34 drivers who made daily deliveries to the retailer’s 24 stores in Michigan.

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    Paul Strodtbeck never imagined he’d drive more than 5 million miles, primarily hauling meat and produce daily from Grand Rapids to Lansing to Petoskey and back.

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    Strodtbeck leads by always putting the customer first and making safety his top priority.

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    The driving milestone – combined with his exemplary safety record, work ethic and friendly demeanor with customers and other team members – earned Strodtbeck recognition as one of the top 12 drivers by the Michigan Trucking Association. 

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    Strodtbeck said he has a lot to be thankful for: He loves driving, appreciates his dispatch team that helps him along his route, and working for a company that cares about community. 

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    “I have six kids and I tell them all the time, ‘you only have one life,’” Strodtbeck said. “‘You’re here for a reason and you should probably have fun doing it while you’re here.’”

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