Star With Sandy

In January 2014, customers had the chance to appear in a Meijer commercial and receive a Meijer gift card by submitting a favorite photo with Sandy, the iconic mechanical penny horse found at the front of Meijer stores across the Midwest.

  • Sandy Main

    Meijer is offering its younger customers a chance for a co-starring role in an upcoming television commercial at the cost of one cent. The commercial is scheduled to debut across the Midwest retailer’s five-state footprint in 2014, and will feature images of children riding its iconic penny horse, Sandy, over several generations.

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  • Sandy Contest 1

  • Kim Brady

    Mason, age 3, Portage, Mich.

  • Samantha Bolender

    Adelyn, age 2, Batavia, Ohio

  • Annette Staley

    Amos, age 1, Kalamazoo, Mich.

  • Amanda Stark

    Braevin, age 2, Grand Rapids, Mich.

  • Annjellica Mays

    Brandon, age 5, Grand Rapids, Mich.

  • Haley Gustafson Querbach

    Carson, age 4, Kentwood, Mich.

  • Erin Cornell

    Kendall, age 4, Dorr, Mich.

  • Terri Decommer

    Melinda, age 3, Cedar Springs, Mich.

  • Ashley Rearick

    Julius, age 3, Madison Heights, Mich.

  • Becky Ossenmacher

    Lola, age 3, Northville, Mich.

  • Venus Wong

    Olivia, age 2, Shelby Township, Mich.

  • Laura Claussen

    Carter Jane, age 4, Clinton Township, Mich.

  • Deanna Talcott Pyle

    Jillian, age 3, Mason, Mich.

  • Jenifer Wilson

    Tyler, age 9, Lapeer, Mich.

  • Kristin Johnston

    Kendalyn, age 4, Hubbardston, Mich.

  • Sophia Ruiz

    Lillian, age 3, Ludington, Mich.

  • Angela Cairns

    Ian, age 3, Sparta, Mich.

  • Fawnda Walker

    Isaac, age 6, Sunfield, Mich.

  • Melody Waite

    Langston, age 3, East Lansing, Mich.

  • Jihyun Pearson

    Caleb, age 3, Eaton Rapids, Mich.

  • Stephanie Dobbins

    Molly, age 2, Albion, Mich.

  • Sheena Cross

    Cami, age 6, Marshall, Mich.

  • Monica Merano

    Laela, age 6, Chatham, Ill.

  • Sheri Miller

    Katie, age 6, Shipshewana, Ind.

  • Danielle Ray

    Clarafay Ray, age 2, Crown Point, Ind.

  • Miu Ichikawa

    Miu, age 4, Indianapolis, Ind.

  • Carmen Hall Caldera

    Chloe, age 3, Elizabethtown, Ky.

  • Michelle Johnson

    Taylor, age 3, Louisville, Ky.

  • Jessica Howard

    Juniper Howard, Lansing, Mich.

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