Meijer expands offerings of Caledonia-based Revolution Farms to all stores across Midwest to provide local, sustainably-sourced produce to customers
May 19, 2022

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Revolution Farms, Michigan's premier hydroponic lettuce farm and one of the leading innovators of sustainable farming in the Midwest, is partnering with Grand Rapids-based retailer Meijer to bring local lettuce and salad greens to consumers year-round, across the retailer's six-state footprint. Products include cut, whole leaf, and whole head lettuce varieties, as well as the cut lettuce for all of the retailer's fresh, ready-to-eat salads.

By making Revolution Farms' hydroponic-grown products available in all 262 Meijer stores, families have direct access to lettuce and salad greens that are fresher, more nutritious, last longer and are grown using 90 percent less water, 90 percent less land and 95 percent closer to their homes.

"Supporting local farms and carrying the freshest, most nutritious ingredients is important to us and to our customers," said Sarah Jennings, Meijer produce buyer. "As a Michigan, family company, we are committed to being good stewards of our community by not only constantly enhancing our own sustainable practices, but also by using our shelves as a platform to promote brands that share our passion."

Revolution Farms' salad mixes have shown a longer shelf life in stores and at home. By always harvesting at its peak of growth, and packaging on-site, Revolution Farms distributes its non-GMO lettuce to Meijer within one or two days of harvest, ensuring its customers receive crispier, crunchier lettuce for more flavorful salads. Harvesting daily ensures the longest possible shelf life and near-to-zero waste for today's budget- and environmentally-conscious kitchens.

"Food tastes better when it's grown closer to you. Meijer is our hometown retail partner, so partnering with them to expand their local greens selection, as well as growing the lettuce for their salad kits, will help more families easily find sustainably-grown, nutrient-rich greens," said John Green, founder and CEO of Revolution Farms. "Our recent greenhouse expansion has given us the ability to grow even more lettuce varieties, as well as become a Meijer Fresh partner."

In addition to the Revolution Farms branded products available in the produce department of all Meijer stores, Meijer and Revolution Farms are also partnering to localize and enhance the "Fresh from Meijer" salad kits, available in the retailer's Ready-to-Eat section. Revolution Farms now grows all the lettuce for these kits, ensuring that families looking for ready-to-eat salads are also getting fresh, sustainable greens. Kits include varieties such as Caesar, Cobb, Harvest, Southwest and BLT salad kits, with toppings and dressing ready to assemble and eat, for the busy customer on the go, as well as family sizes ready to put on the dinner table.

Meijer customers can find Revolution Farms branded products on shelves under three, new, whole-leaf lettuce varieties – Revolution Farms Lettuce Boats™, Revolution Farms Whole Leaf Romaine™, and Revolution Farms Sweet Crisp Deli Leaf™. Whole head items – Revolution Farms Whole Head Living Bibb™ and Revolution Farms Whole Head Living Sweet Crisp™ – are also available at all Meijer stores.

Located in West Michigan, Revolution Farms can grow up to 1.5 million pounds of fresh lettuce each year. With this proximity, its produce can go from farm-to-plate in one to two days, less than half the time it takes for lettuce grown on the West Coast to make it to the Midwest. Revolution Farms' mission is to disrupt the fresh produce industry by growing and harvesting hyper-local salad greens for consumers year-round, using advanced indoor farming methods.

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About Revolution Farms

Revolution Farms is leading the hydroponics revolution in Michigan with one of the largest and most advanced indoor hydroponic farms in the United States. Located in Caledonia, Mich., its three acre. greenhouse produces fresh, local lettuce and salad greens for consumers across the Midwest. Revolution Farms was founded to leverage the social, economic, and environmental benefits of hydroponics in a state-of-the-art facility. More info at


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